Property Investment Trusts – Chan & Naylor Property Investor Trust®

What is a Property Investor Trust®?


The Property Investor Trust ®  (PIT®) is specifically designed investment trust for long-term property investors.

Today, Chan and Naylor’s Property Investor Trust ® (or Chan & Naylor PIT®) is used and talked about throughout the investing community. The Chan & Naylor PIT® was developed specifically for property investment purchases and incorporates a number of unique features in the PIT® Trust-Deed that now makes this known as a premium property investment trust structure for holding real estate investments. The PIT® Trust Deed offers a property investor supreme versatility in asset control and wealth creation.


Premium Property Investor Strategies for Long Term Investors

At Chan and Naylor we believe in Wealth for Life and the importance of passing down wealth from generation to generation – which is why we’ve set up the property investment trust in a way where there is no “use by” or expiry date on the Trust. The Chan & Naylor PIT® trust deed does not stop, therefore your wealth is secure for generations to come through the asset protection strategies and investment property strategies. The Chan & Naylor PIT® gives you supreme asset protection and flexibility in controlling assets as well as an exclusive certainty (from the ATO via Product Rulings PR2014/15 and PR2011/15) in regards to claiming tax deductions on the interest paid on a negatively geared property.

Just think about what your next tax refund could look like?


Benefits of Chan & Naylor’s Property Investor Trust®

The benefits of the Chan & Naylor PIT® – Chan & Naylor’s Property Investor Trust® will only be maximised if it is used as advised by Chan & Naylor, and in-house experts manage its annual accounting correctly.

This property specific trust has a number of benefits other than those related to tax which provide the flexibility that a long term property investor is looking for, such as:

  • It has no vesting date i.e. trust does not stop after 80 years.
  • There is a family lineage clause which offers protection of the assets to the family lineage (blood relatives only) in case of a bankruptcy or family court dispute, and
  • Allows for it to hold multiple assets controlled by various different family members

In relation to tax, the Chan & Naylor PIT® deed allows you to claim the negative gearing against your wages unlike many of the other Trusts as long as you follow the rules set down in Product Rulings (PR2014/15 and PR2011/15) by the ATO.



  • Features and Benefits of the Property Investor Trust ®

    We have developed a property investment structure with advanced features and benefits specially designed for long term property investors in mind: the Chan & Naylor Property Investor Trust® (PIT®) and its associated ATO Product Ruling PR2014/15 – read more to discover the Top Ten features and benefits of the Chan & Naylor PIT®…

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