Chan & Naylor Property Investor Trust ® – Benefits

A property investor needs an investment structure designed for property investors – one that benefits the property investor in the long term. One that gives the flexibility and framework to generate wealth, preserve it, control it and safely pass it on to future generations.

With our understanding and expertise in dealing with issues regarding land tax thresholds, Capital Gains Tax (CGT), Stamp Duty, distribution of rental income and the need for asset protection within the family lineage and our Partner’s passion for property investing; we have developed an property investment structure with advanced features and benefits specially designed for long term property investors in mind: the Chan & Naylor Property Investor Trust® (PIT®) and its associated ATO Product Ruling PR2014/15 .



The Chan & Naylor PIT® Top Ten features and benefits include:


    • There is no Vesting Date hence will not trigger capital gains tax and stamp duty because  the trust does not cease and goes on forever. Most other Trust Deeds have a Vesting Date of 80 years which then triggers a CGT and stamp duty for the beneficiaries and stops the property from being passed from generation to generation tax effectively.


    • Will allow interest to be claimed as a tax deduction in the taxpayers/unit holders hands thus negative gearing can be claimed against an individual’s wages. Unlike many other Hybrid Trusts where the interest may not be tax deductible.



    • Provides a land tax threshold in most States of Australia except NSW so that one can minimise and even eliminate land tax in some States.


    • Protects the property from the marriage breakdown of your children


    • Designed specifically for property and eliminates the E4 problems with other Trusts which trigger larger capital gains tax when the property is sold.


    • Allows control of the property to change hands such as the Trustee without triggering capital gains tax and stamp duty and enables the splitting of the assets of the Trust.


    • Allows the beneficial or unit holders to change hands with no stamp duty in some states.
    • If there is little or no gearing involved allows the flexibility to distribute the net rental to the lowest taxpayer.


  • There is an ATO approved Product Ruling PR2014/15  (as well as PR2011/15) giving you certainty of your tax deductible interest unlike most if not all other Trust Deeds.


Our Partner’s passion for property investing, coupled with the Chan & Naylor Group’s expertise in property tax accounting has led to the development of the PIT®. Because our Partners themselves invest in property, we are well aware of the many complexities and issues that Australian investors have, particularly when it comes to the lack of flexibility that regular trusts offer for property investors.  It’s almost like people over many years have used a bread knife as a flat screw driver – kind of gets a result, but why go through that hassle? You need the right tool for the right job. For property investing, you need the right property investing tool.

If you would like to discuss your wealth creation and asset protection requirements and how the  Property Investor Trust® may be a solution for you, then please:


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