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Specialist Property Tax Accounting & Property Tax Advice for aspiring and seasoned property investors in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

At Chan & Naylor, our specialist property tax accountants across Australia are renowned for their reliable tax advice and property tax accounting services for property investors.

For investors at all stages of the property investment journey, whether starting out or well established, with the help of Chan & Naylor, you can:

  • Structure your investment portfolio for better asset protection.
  • Improve cash flows of your property portfolio by deducting various depreciation expenses.
  • Property investment strategies that can legally reduce taxes.
  • Claim all tax deductions that you are legally entitled to, including all depreciations and expenses related to improving, managing and holding your investment property.
  • Get access to competitive ultra low interest investor loans through our Finance team.
  • Know how to safely structure your debt to purchase investment properties.
  • Develop a system and strategy on how to fund and structure subsequent property purchases.
property tax accounting


Reliable Property Tax Advice from the leading property tax accountants, can make all the difference to your property portfolio.

At Chan & Naylor, our expertise lies in not only assisting property investors for their property tax accounting requirements, but also giving our clients the tools and investment vehicles they need to actively grow and protect their wealth.  We help clients to structure their assets in tax effective environments for improved asset protection and more robust estate planning. We believe that if you use the right investment structures for your investment properties, you can not only protect your assets and retain your net wealth within your control, but also legally reduce taxes and operating costs commonly associated with buying, holding and selling property investments.

We’ve developed a number of property investment trusts and structures unique to Chan & Naylor.  Chan & Naylor property investment trusts improve asset protection with sophisticated lineage clauses that fortifies your asset base against unscrupulous in-laws or family law court disputes, allowing only family relatives to be the ultimate beneficiary or next appointment as trustee of your property investment trust.

Our property tax accounting and tax advice extends to the various estate planning factors including ownership and control of assets and tax implications of passing assets from one generation to the next. We provide expert advice on how to safely pass on assets that legally reduces taxes for both yourself and future generations.

The Chan & Naylor Property Investor Trust ® is the only ATO approved means of claiming negative gearing as tax deductions against your PAYG in addition to preserving wealth as the Chan & Naylor PIT® does not expire after 80 years like traditional trusts do which would in normal circumstances trigger federal and state based taxes such as Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty.


Have you outgrown your Tax Agent or Tax Accountant?

Your family accountant may be costing you more money than you’re paying them by not giving you the maximum deductions you’re entitled to. For a second opinion on your tax return or if you’re looking for proactive tax accountants with reliable property tax advice and accurate tax returns for property investors – trust the experience and reliability of the leading specialists in property tax accounting.

If you feel that your Accountant doesn’t ‘get’ your property and investment aspirations and plans, then contact a Chan & Naylor property tax accountant in Sydney (5 locations), Kangaroo Point Brisbane, Capalaba Brisbane, Melbourne CBD, Moonee Ponds, or Perth.

If you need more than just a tax agent or accountant, book your  complimentary 10-15 minute phone call with a Chan & Naylor Partner:



We’re passionate helping everyday Australians to actively grow and protect their wealth with proactive tax accounting, property tax advice and strategies assisting clients in legally reduce their tax bills.

Our national group of experienced Partners, Client Managers, Tax Agents and Property Tax Accountants across our office locations throughout Australia, can help you with all your tax compliance and accounting needs whether you are an individual wage earner, small-medium business owner, company director, or an investor in residential / commercial real estate or shares on the stock exchange – we cover the lot!

Our clients are serviced by a dedicated Client Manager, supported by local tax agents, tax accountants as well as in-house team of finance brokers and independent financial planners able to provide critical financial advice and finance brokering with access to over 30 lenders.

Our difference lies in the proactive tax accounting advice we provide and the quality service above and beyond simply doing tax returns. In addition to our tax and regulatory compliance services we also provide expert Audit & Assurance services for all entity types.


Tax Advice for Professionals and Small Medium Businesses

In addition to our property tax accounting expertise, some of our clients have investment portfolios which comprise a combination of Trusts, Companies, SMSF and shares or ownership of small to medium enterprises (SMEs); we also therefore provide accounting and advisory services to cater for all types of entities, including a range of proactive business accounting and advisory services.

We’ve also developed business ownership strategies specifically for business owners (see Business Enterprise Trust™ and Business Restructure Trust™ ) and medical professionals operating medical centres (see Medical Centre Trust™)

We’ve got offices located Australia-wide, find your preferred office location now or call 1300 250 122.

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