Tax Planning Consultations

At Chan & Naylor, we provide tax planning consultation services that can give you expert advice in investment structures, property specialist tax planning advice and asset protection advice for both aspiring and seasoned investors.

Our expertise in property tax advice and business tax advice extends to investment ownership strategies – including specially designed property investment trusts or business ownership structures – that can provide our clients with a tax-effective and safe environment, to actively grow their wealth, and pass it on safely to the next generation.

You get more than just tax advice when you visit Chan & Naylor for a tax planning consultation. Your personalised tax planning consultation involves a complete review of your financial position, investment ideas and general plans, plus an evaluation of how effectively your assets are structured from a tax planning, asset protection and estate planning perspectives. A personalised consultation with a Senior Partner can help empower you to make informed decisions on the appropriate next step for you.

We provide 2 hour Financial Strategic Consultations, tailored to you.

Financial Strategic Consultations (2 hours)

  • 2 hour personal consultation service with a Senior Partner
  • Designed to assist aspiring and seasoned investors, and even high net worth individuals / couples regarding tax accounting and structure advice.
  • Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of how effectively your assets are structured from a tax planning, asset protection and estate planning perspective.
  • Recommendations on how to restructure assets to legally reduce tax, significantly improve asset protection and gain greater control and flexibility over your wealth.
  • Emphasis on long term wealth creation, succession planning and estate planning requirements.
  • An ideal step if you own, or looking to acquire multiple assets over time need optimal ownership structures to protect and preserve your financial position as you accumulate wealth.

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