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‘Raising the Bar of Financial Advice’

Chan & Naylor Wealth Planning is a multi-award-winning practice (AFSL Practice of the Year 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015) as our team has, and continues to raise the bar of financial advice.

We are proud to be a wealth planning firm empowering clients of Chan & Naylor (Australia-wide) to achieve their financial goals. Our fee-for-service business model and the fact that we are privately owned allows us to help you get your desired results that are in your best interests. Our ongoing commitment to clients is that they are the sole beneficiaries of the advice we give them.

“Ultimately, we work for you, and what is in your best interests – not ‘the banks’.”


Our Services and Expertise:


  • Financial Advice & Financial Strategic Blueprints: formulate a strategic plan to build ‘Wealth for Life’.
  • Investment Portfolio Construction: implementation of agreed recommendations.
  • Personal Wealth Management: monitoring, administration and ongoing advice.
  • Superannuation / SMSF Strategy advice on contributions to super, buying property and assets with debt in SMSF, insurances and wills.
  • Key Person Risk Management
  • Centrelink Entitlements
  • Financial advice for clients in Aged Care Services.
  • Retirement Planning and Retirement Income Streams
  • Estate Planning advice and structures to preserve and transfer assets to the next generation.



preserve wealth


‘Make it, Protect it, Preserve it.’

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Tailored Financial Plan and Strategic Recommendations

The financial advice you get from Chan & Naylor Wealth Planning, can help you make, preserve and protect wealth throughout every stage in the wealth for life journey.

Our financial advice and strategic recommendations are tailored to your personal circumstances and financial objectives – throughout every stage in life.

From young ‘cashed up’ working professionals and couples starting out, to newly established and growing families, right through to empty-nesters and retirees – we work with anyone at any stage in life that has the desire and commitment to take control of their financial destiny. We are committed to helping you develop a ‘life-long’ inter-generational wealth creation system. Our Advisers will work closely with your Chan & Naylor Client Manager, or directly with your accountant, to ensure that you’re aware of all the tax and accounting implications before any investment decision is made.

See ‘Our Process’ to learn more about how we work with new clients.


  • Your Financial GPS

We take a holistic view of your personal circumstances and apply the latest ideas and strategies to take you to the next level. We see ourselves as a ‘Financial GPS’ for our clients. A trusted financial guidance system. We calculate and recommend the best pathway to get them to their desired destination. Should there be any obstacles along their journey, we carefully consider safe detour routes to get them back on track.

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  • Your Action Plan for Wealth Creation 

Our Financial Strategic Blueprints can help get you moving toward achieving your wealth creation goals. The comprehensive but easy to understand ‘Statement(s) of Advice’ you get from us includes details of all the findings and recommendations of the strategic plan we develop for you. This is your Financial Strategic Blueprint that we help you implement. Furthermore, we regularly monitor its effectiveness in achieving your targeted outcomes.

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  • Contingencies for a ‘rainy day’…

In addition to the strategic plan and recommendations you get from Chan & Naylor, you can also consider Wealth Assurance and key person risk management plans such as: personal life insurance, income protection, disability insurance and trauma insurance. These can give you peace of mind and a higher level of assurance that your income and lifestyle will be preserved when the unexpected (and the expected) happens. With the right insurance policies to match your needs and budget, you can be assured that there will be emergency income streams to sustain your family.

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  • Take Control of your Super and Retirement Income Plan

Our Financial Advisers are qualified to talk to you about your personal Superannuation Funds and recommend strategies that could maximise your pension fund to support your desired lifestyle in retirement, including: using a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) – if recommended – to complement your retirement plans with sustainable income streams This would also include advice on appropriate usage of super contributions, lump-sum contributions, borrowing money in super to invest in property or shares, transition to retirement strategies etc.

Moreover, our advisers are regularly trained and kept up to date with all legislative changes and requirements, to ensure that you maintain proper compliance for your SMSF.

In addition to providing financial advice on Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF), we also assist SMSF Trustees with SMSF Administration and Compliance Management Services. We help alleviate the risk by educating clients on their obligations with respect to ongoing maintenance and SMSF compliance.

Talk to us, we’ll show you how to take control of your super.


  • Financial support and care for elderly loved ones, and preparing the next generation of caretakers of the family estate.

We advise families and senior citizens on how to best prepare financially for sustainable and comfortable aged care. With careful planning, we can help you ensure there are adequate provisions for comfortable aged care of both yourself and your loved ones.

Included in the planning and discussions are all financial, legal and estate planning considerations (including, for example, appointing an enduring power of attorney) to ensure that assets go to the right people, at the right time and in a tax efficient way.

Our caring professionals can help you put together a positive plan – alleviating the financial uncertainty and burden – allowing you to focus on creating lasting memories with your loved ones.


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About Chan & Naylor Wealth Planning

  • Our Practice

    Chan & Naylor Wealth Planning have wealth planners and client managers who are committed to working with you and your family to help you achieve your financial needs and long term goals.

    We are able to access and provide over 1,000 products and services from leading Australian and International product providers.

    Our approach, investment capability and structure gives our clients unrivalled access to a unique service and product offering, that’s tailored to their financial objectives.

  • Our Point of Difference

    We are different because we focus on you as a person – on your total situation and needs. You can’t look at your investments without considering tax. You can’t consider your tax without managing your income, debts and expenses. And every one of these things affects your lifestyle.

    With Chan & Naylor Wealth Planning, you not only get access to our experienced financial advisers, but you can rest assured knowing that our team is supported by the Chan & Naylor Group of Property & Business Tax Accountants, Auditors and Mortgage Brokers.

    We work together as a unified team to achieve your goals.

    As a group, we have the capacity to assist you in managing your financial affairs from a holistic perspective – from wealth planning to tax planning, investment structures, compliance and administration; and even sourcing lenders to leverage your portfolio.

    Importantly for our clients, we operate using a completely transparent fee structure. Our fee-for-service model ensures that our clients know exactly what they are paying for and can understand the value of advice.

  • Our Planning

    We take pride in providing clients with professional financial advice and customer care of the highest quality. We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive knowledge and education that you require in order to understand and be comfortable with any strategy we recommend.

    Our advice aims to help you make the right choices for all your important financial decisions throughout life – so you can achieve your chosen lifestyle.

    Sounds simple enough but making the right choices is difficult because the rules are always changing. So are your needs and priorities. So are your investments. And so are the options open to you.

    That’s why it’s important to have a guide for your journey.

    Most People have a gap between where they are today and the lifestyle they would like to enjoy.
    Chan & Naylor Wealth Planning helps you bridge that gap by:

    1. Providing you with financial advice
    2. Helping you understand the likely impact of different choices available to you so you can make informed decisions.
    3. Providing ongoing advice and guidance to help you deal with all the changes that affect your finances e.g. life events/changes and changes to legislation.
  • Our Philosophy

    Our business is providing financial advice. It involves developing unique financial strategies for you and matching those strategies with appropriate structures and products.

    We believe that clients invest in our advice for a financial return, emotional benefits and as a way to ensure that their best-laid plans are not derailed.

    We know that all of our clients have different financial needs, goals and complexities. In response to this, our advisors work collaboratively with each and every client to provide an individually tailored solution. We provide clients with access to experts across all areas of wealth management so that they get complete financial security.

    We put our clients at the heart of everything we do.
    We are able to do this because Chan & Naylor Wealth Planning is locally owned.


    Chan & Naylor Wealth Planning is a boutique licensee…

    We work with you to help you find the best solutions for your lifestyle and personal circumstances. This gives our clients the confidence that the advice that they get is free from any bias or incentives.

    Our aim is to find the right solution for each client. We are careful not to over promise and under-deliver, instead focusing on balancing return with a risk-managed approach tailored to suit the individual.

  • Our Process

    Step 1 – First Appointment

    At our first meeting, we explain the wealth planning process and what you can expect from us. You need to feel comfortable with who we are and the services we can offer. We discuss your financial objectives to assess how we can add value to your financial position.

    Step 2 – Strategy Development

    If you are comfortable with us, and we feel we can genuinely assist you, we will then complete a confidential and in-depth analysis of your financial position.

    Step 3 – Strategy Recommendations

    We will then take this information and develop strategic recommendations. We then produce our findings in a ‘Statement of Advice’ detailing the discussions and vital information about our recommendations.

    Step 4 – Implementation

    We take care of all the administration due-diligence to implement the agreed recommendations. We will follow the progress until the implementation is complete. We will then arrange a post-implementation meeting.

    Step 5 – Ongoing advice

    In our view, ongoing advice is crucial in achieving your goals and objectives. We monitor the performance of the recommended strategy and make changes where necessary in light of your changing circumstances and the financial environment.

  • The Big Superannuation Re-Think

    The 2016 Budget and whatever the outcome of July’s 2016 Federal Election – inevitably points to a major redesign of super concessions aimed at lessening their attraction to higher income and wealthier clients…the notion that the New Super is for building only a moderate, and not necessarily comfortable, retirement nest-egg.

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