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Your hard-earned estate: if you’re not there to tell them, +ALLReady certainly will be

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Planning for the future includes providing your family’s peace of mind when the unexpected happens. One of the unique services available through Chan & Naylor is access to +ALLReady.

What is the +ALLReady app?

+ALLReady is a sophisticated, easy to use online app that manages all your key information and documents in one place, and automatically encrypts and links everything into a written report. All your key documents become attached to all your important information.

+ALLReady produces a personalized, clear narrative called Crucial Facts Report & Directory which you can share with those you trust. It ensures you and your family are prepared for anything in case of emergency. It provides space for an unlimited number of people and entities.

+ALLReady comes with a digital family vault where you can give access to four others if you wish. It is highly secure with 10 high security protocols. You can access this app instantly on any smart device.

You get not just the what, but also the how and why of your crucial information / document mix. It is unique because it is far more than mere online storage.


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How is Chan & Naylor +ALLReady different from other storage apps?

Consider your refrigerator. To preserve food, you store it in your fridge. This is what almost all online storage apps do: they store individual items until you need them.

However, stored items do not make a meal until you apply a process. Only when linked, mixed and heated do individual items combine to make a meal.

We’ll make the +ALLReady app do all this for you! Your crucial information will be combined with your key documents to produce a nourishing “feed” of invaluable information.

In any crisis, the last thing you need is to be frantically looking for important documents that may have been mislaid, misfiled or “not where they should be.”

At Chan & Naylor +ALLReady, storing important documents is extremely efficient, auto-encrypted, and then uploaded to your digital Family Vault. This is part of your being “prepared for anything” plan.

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