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Nothing in life should be taken for granted.

In particular, your ability to provide for your family’s financial needs. Your financial position and your dependents’ welfare could potentially be disrupted by sudden and unexpected life events. Life events that could prevent you and/or primary income earner(s) from earning an income, such as a debilitating illness, serious injury, or even passing away prematurely.


Our advisers can discuss with you a tailored ‘wealth assurance plan’; a plan that includes key person risk analysis and carefully configured selection of insurance policies to provide emergency income streams to sustain your household during challenging times, including: Income Protection, Term Life Cover, Total and Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD) and Trauma Cover.

Since we are privately owned, we are confident that you can trust our recommendation on what could help you gain ‘wealth assurance’ to get timely access to financial relief when it’s needed the most.


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Income Protection

Income Protection insurance is designed to cover you temporarily if you are unable to work due to injury or illness so that you’re able to maintain your day-to-day living expenses during your recovery period.

Generally speaking, Income protection will cover you for up to 75 per cent of your normal income, until such time as you’re able to return to work – or at the end of the prescribed benefit period as noted on your policy.

Term Life Cover

Provides a lump sum benefit payable in the event of your death to ensure that your estate needs are met. If you are deemed to be terminally ill, the death benefit may be paid out earlier to assist with medical expenses and provide you with greater control over your estate planning.

Total & Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD)

TPD cover provides a benefit in the event that you suffer an illness or injury which permanently prevents you from working in any occupation.

Trauma Cover

Trauma cover is a diagnosis-only insurance. A benefit is payable in the event that you are diagnosed with a major critical illness condition such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, and coronary artery disease as well as more than 30 other ancillary conditions.

Our financial advisers can also assist you with:

  • Independent financial advice at every stage of life.
  • Financial Strategic Blueprints
  • Personal Wealth Management
  • Superannuation / Self Managed Superannuation Funds – structure, strategy and SMSF Administration.
  • Retirement Planning, Retirement Income Streams


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