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At Chan & Naylor, our ‘Wealth for Life‘ approach means we take a long term holistic view of wealth planning for every stage of life. It’s how we empower our clients to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Whether your goal is to simply have the lifestyle of your choice after retirement, or to actively build a portfolio of property investments that will ensure wealth and security for you and your family, we aim to help you achieve all these….

Our Advice for You at every stage of the journey:




“…With a Chan & Naylor ‘Wealth for Life’ plan, you’ll have a step-by-step strategy to achieve your goals”


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Wealth Planning for the Young & Getting Started

“Spending a few hours wisely now could help you make your earnings last well into the future.”

Wealth Planning - Wealth for life - wealth planning for the young and getting started - Chan & Naylor Wealth Planning
If you have ever planned a long trip, you will appreciate the importance of a good map. Of course, the purpose of a map is to help you find your way to where you are going. It isn’t much use if you don’t know your destination!

Like a map, your financial plan is designed to provide the best route to your targeted financial destination (your financial goals).

When you get a clear picture of what your destination looks like – at a younger age – the easier it would be later in life.

Your goals could include anything from paying off your mortgage to paying for your children’s education. Importantly, these goals should be specific and have a time frame for when you’d like to achieve them. Your goals should also be prioritised, so you can focus on what’s most important to you as you progress through the different phases in life.

A Chan & Naylor Wealth Planner can help you draw a financial map – a Financial Strategic Blueprint – and be your ‘GPS’ to guide you along the Wealth for Life journey. Contact us, today, to make a start on planning for ‘tomorrow’.


Wealth Planning for Growing Families


“Establishing a strong foundation for the future…”

Wealth Planning - Wealth for life - wealth planning for families - Chan & Naylor Wealth Planning
Our wealth for life family office can help working mums and dads break free from debt making the most out of super and protecting you for the unexpected.
We also assist families and individuals of sizeable wealth, as well as the professionals they call upon to help run their affairs. We provide a disciplined approach to successfully protect, manage and grow wealth. Our number-one concern is to act in the best interests of your family as a whole and its individual members.
Our Wealth Planning for Family services include:
  • Portfolio management – management of your portfolio along with risk and return management.
  • Philanthropic management – provide assistance in charitable activities and the tax implications.
  • Multi generational wealth management – ensuring the financial security of family members, inheritance, succession planning and wealth transfer.
  • Trust and Estate Planning – ensuring the appropriate development of wealth preservation and transfer strategies that align with your financial goals and objectives.
  • Tax advisory and regulatory compliance – ensuring you have the right advice in relation to investments, assets and other income.
  • Reporting – regular monitoring and ongoing recommendations on your portfolio.




Wealth Planning for ‘Empty Nesters’


“Now is the perfect time to structure and actively grow your family’s wealth for future generations and ensure a smooth transition to retirement…”

Wealth Planning - Wealth for life - wealth planning for 'Empty Nesters' - Chan & Naylor Wealth Planning
The Kids are gone….hooray!! Or is it?

Investing is an essential part of helping you create wealth and should never stop. Over the long term, investments can generate great rewards – and the earlier you start, the better.

Investing starts with ensuring you have surplus cash flow from your daily living expenses to invest. It doesn’t need to be much, but if you focus on developing (and sticking to!) your household budget, you can soon find savings that can be invested to help build your future wealth.

This is a complex area and one that we strongly encourage you to ensure you get the right advice.
Our Wealth Advisers are committed to understanding your needs and objectives. When you’re ready to invest, our Advisers scan hundreds of options in the market and choose the right one to meet your needs. Given that we are privately owned, we will always give you advice that is best for you and your specific circumstance.

For more information about investing, or to discuss your investment needs with your nearest Chan & Naylor Wealth for Life Planner, contact us today!





Wealth Planning for Retirees


“You’ve worked hard. Get ready to play! At this stage it’s vital that you get your financial affairs in order – for both peace of mind and posterity…”

Seeking advice to assist you with your retirement planning ensures you have a clear and complete picture of your financial situation and a strategy in place which ensures you are managing your cash flow and assets in a tax effective way.

When planning for retirement you need to consider your lifestyle choices for your retirement such as preferences for housing, travel, and entertainment which all affect your cash flow.

Depending on each individuals mix of income, lifestyle, and health, there are a number of planning strategies that can help retirees live within their means and make appropriate adjustments in response to changes in income and expenses.

These strategies also consider possible variations in inflation, aged care costs, tax rates and regulations.

An important aspect of wealth planning for retirees is ensuring that your ‘dying wishes’ are fully factored into legally binding documentation that is adequately supported by the right trust structures. At Chan & Naylor, we can help you ensure that the right assets are transferred to the right people – keeping assets within the family lineage (blood relatives only).

If you would like to discuss or find out more about planning for your retirement please contact one of our Wealth for Life Advisers.




Chan & Naylor’s Wealth for Life Advisers can also assist you with:
  • Financial Strategic Blueprints – written statement of advice comprising plans and recommendations on investment strategies to grow your wealth.
  • Wealth Assurance – risk management strategies to protect your income and lifestyle.
  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds – advice, management and compliance.
  • Financial advice for aged care services
  • Estate Planning



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