Tax deductions for specific industries and occupations

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Deductions for specific industries and occupations

Are you? An individual taxpayer?
At a glance: The Tax Office has compiled a list of allowable deductions for employees working in specific industries or occupations.
You should:  Check out which deductions are applicable to your current job.
Contact us if you require any clarification or advice.
  1. Work-related expenses incurred by employees may be tax deductible in the individual’s tax return.
  2. The Tax Office has compiled a list of industries and occupations together with the specific deductions that may be allowed if incurred by employees in the course of performing their duties.
  3. The list was updated by the Tax Office on November 25, 2013 and will remain current as a guide until further updates.
  4. Some industries and occupations listed include:
    • Building and construction employees;
    • Engineers;
    • Flight attendants;
    • Fitness and sporting industry employees;
    • Lawyers; and
    • Mining site employees.
  5. For example, if employed as an education professional, work-related expenses that may be deductible include:
    • Books, publications or other text;
    • Home office – items such as running costs or phone bills;
    • Self-education; and
    • Travelling expenses where it relates to going from one workplace to another or in relation to carrying around bulky tools or equipment.
  6. To access the list, click here.
Remember: Allowable deductions are subject to change as a result of changes to income tax law or taxation rulings.
This article was published on 20/01/2014 and is current as at that date

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