Tax Time Is Approaching – So Now’s the Time to Review Your Interest Rates

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Tax Time Is Approaching  – So Now’s the Time to Review Your Interest Rates

By Doug Daniell

Whenever my colleagues from Accounting carry out clients’ tax returns, something we at Finance frequently take notice of, is just how many people who are paying far too much interest on their property loans.

In this day and age of ultra low interest rates (some as low as 3.99 per cent) and generous Cash Rebates, a wise home-owner or investor would take stock now and get their portfolio reviewed to ensure their financing is structured appropriately to get maximum value.


Variable vs Fixed? Interest Only vs Principal & Interest etc.? These are all questions investors constantly deal with, regardless of how the markets are performing. While no one has a crystal ball to predict the future, there are particular strategies you could employ now  – with the help and guidance of a good mortgage broker and property accountant, that could improve your financial situation. Whether that is, getting you on the right loan product with a lower interest rate, maximising your tax deductions, or tapping into your equity to invest in other properties, you could potentially save you  $ 0 0 0 ‘ s and take your investing to the next level.

Also, If you think that next year you could be in a lower tax bracket, you may want to consider arranging a loan which allows you to pre-pay your interest. Clearly, this is something that needs to be arranged before the end of this financial year.

With access to some 30 lenders, Chan & Naylor Finance is supported by a team of Accountants and Financial Advisers who ‘Get property’. We can work with you to develop a strategic finance solution based on your needs and financial goals.

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