The Benefit of Hindsight…..Wealth Retreat 2013

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Have you ever said…..if I knew then what I know Now…..

Then Wealth Retreat will be a must go to event. Learn from the experts hindsight, their knowledge and experience.

In effect their hindsight could be your insight.


If you would like to widen your risk spectrum and develop expertise in the areas of property investment and development, finance and tax then a once year opportunity awaits you at Wealth Retreat 2013.

On May 25th to May 29th   a small group of already successful property investors, business people and entrepreneurs will be getting together at the Radisson Resort Gold Coast in Queensland at Australia’s ultimate learning and networking event for investors.

The small group environment will ensure they have full access to Australia’s faculty of property, tax, finance, legal and superannuation experts to help answer their own personal situations.

We will not be discussing the things you read in books or on the Internet or that are covered at other seminars – this is “high end” information for those who are ready to go to the next level.

This event has been transformational for many of the attendees in previous years. Some have left their jobs to go into property full time. Others found their purpose and left the workforce all together. Yet others continued doing what they enjoyed doing but found renewed passion.

Wealth Retreat is full of “ah hah” moments. Transformational moments where things you may have

Known at a particular level suddenly made sense.
Wealth Retreat is also a place where networking and masterminding has seen the genesis of some great joint ventures.

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Have you ever wished you could join us at Wealth Retreat?

Whilst the numbers are  limited.  we urge you to call Mark Krywienko on 02 9391 5430 and find out

more and see if you qualify to join us on the Gold Coast on May 25 to May 29.

Or email Mark at to get the process started. We have a very limited number of spaces for the event.

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