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[VIDEO] It’s the Final Countdown!…The New Rules of Business

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Video Transcript:

“Hi it’s Dale Beaumont here Founder and CEO of Business Blueprint and welcome to this special personal video update.”


The Best 1-Day Free Event

“As you know, if you’ve been following us for a little while. I’ve been running a free event called “New Rules of Business” for seven years now. During these time, over 20,000 people have attended this event from right across Australia and New Zealand. With many people saying it’s the best one day business seminar that they have ever attended.”


To Give More Room for Business Growth

“However, after having run this event for the last 7 years, we’ve made a decision that in November this year, it will be the last time that we’re going to be running this free event called New Rules of Business. I’ll still be running Business Blueprint, however, by next year, I’ll be spending a lot more time in the United States and in Europe. Living there for some weeks and months at a time. This means that we’re going to be reducing the number of free events that I will be running.”


This is your last chance to experience this incredible event!


  • It’s Final Time to Come Back and Attend

“If you’ve been to the event some time before over the last seven years, I’d highly recommend that you come back. Because the whole program has been updated many times since the time you attended, either in 2010, 11, 12, 13… In order to get access to the latest information you need to grab your tickets while you can, considering this is the last time we’re going to be running this event.”

  • Last 5 Stops for the New Rules of Business
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“We’re going to run the event in five locations; that’s Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Western Sydney and Newcastle. So they are the last five cities that will experience New Rules of Business.”

  • Learn How to Build Your Business Further

“If you’ve haven’t been to this event before then now is your last chance to come along and experience why people love it so much. Over the course of just one day, I spend around eight hours teaching you about seventy five different strategies, ideas, and information that you can take away and put directly into your business.”

  • This will be the last yet THE BEST year ender for New Rules of Business

“So do yourself a favour. Head to the website and register right now. That website is If you have attended before but haven’t joined us in a while, It’s about time that you come back. Get access to all of the latest and most cutting edge strategies. If you have never attended, now’s your last chance. Lastly, If you have attended before, and you want to tell your friends about it, then make sure you jump onto your social media sites right now or send them an email. So they can come along and experience the New Rules of Business before this event disappears for good…Thanks so much for watching this video. And I really look forward to seeing you in November. for the last New Rules of Business events. I’ll see you there.”

Visit New Rules of Business to learn more or Register Now, Free.


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