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There Is No Great Loss Without Some Small Gain

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In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, there’s a kind of collective consciousness that stands out and breaks all barriers known to human. You can see bits and pieces of it in social media and the mainstream media. 

Help from rich people pouring and ordinary people doing what they can to contribute, and in the middle of it all, the willing heart of doctors and nurses to risk their lives for the good of many.

The people coming together in a most human and organic way, working together instead of against each other, is the silver lining in this worldwide pandemic. 

It’s a far cry from the disputes and disharmony we’ve seen in the last few months.


There’s the trade war between the US and China that brought struggles to manufacturers and consumers alike and threatened the stock market. There’s also the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union that caused tensions in UK, EU, and the US.

There is a political division everywhere. China versus the West. The UK versus the European Union. Liberals versus conservatives. Rich versus poor. Us versus them.

This is the pervasive theme not a few months ago. Now the narratives have changed. Amidst coronavirus outbreak worldwide, the world– confronted with human frailty, has realised that we’re all in this together. 


Now, you’ll hear people from all over the world working together to stop the virus. Businesses and public personalities donating to the cause and distributing health equipment and other necessities to countries that need them. Even small people are doing what they can to help each other out.

On the Internet, places where opinionated people often lash out at each other have turned into a more positive environment. These places are now unrecognisable from what they were only few weeks ago.


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So as one microscopic virus brought the world to its knees, the same virus brought out what makes us human. And while It’s saddening that it took thousands of deaths for us to realise that this is a battle best fought as one, it proved to us that there is still hope in humanity. 

Indeed, there is no great loss without some small gain. We may have lost a lot—lives being the biggest of them, but we gained something too. And at this trying time, perhaps we should try and hold on to what we gained– to that which is good.


Together, we can survive this. This, too, shall pass.



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