Top 10 reasons to join us at Wealth Retreat this year

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The Internet and media is full of “Top 10″ lists that were made famous by late-night talk show host David Letterman.

On that note, here’s my TOP 10 reasons why I think you would be REALLY SMART to not delay any further in making your reservations and join us at Wealth Retreat 2014 on the Gold Coast on May 31st – June 4th.


Reason #10: You’re SERIOUS about learning and getting an edge, but don’t have access to the information you need

Once your property investment portfolio gets to a certain size, the information you get in books or on the Internet is no longer as relevant to you.

To keep growing you need the type of information that is not freely available to the masses.  And you need to learn it from people who have actually done it successfully and are still doing it today, so they can inspire you.

Much of what you’ll learn at Wealth Retreat 2014 is not and never will be available to most property investors. In fact it’s inappropriate for them – they have no need for these high-end tax, asset protection, finance, joint venture and property strategies.

We’ve set the bar high and gone the extra mile to make sure you get powerful content that’s suited to your needs and you can put to use.


Reason #9: Build Your Network

One of the biggest things I consistently hear from Wealth Retreat graduates is that before they joined us they were isolated in their wealth building. They didn’t have a core mastermind group with whom they could openly share their challenges, brainstorm ideas, leverage contacts and skills, or celebrate their successes with.

This really made it difficult for them to enjoy the level of success, connection and financial freedom that they really knew they could attain, if only they could find a group of ambitious, positive, like-minded, supportive doers to help each other succeed.

When you join us you’ll spend 5 days with a power-packed blend of high end property investors, business people and entrepreneurs who share the passion for building wealth on their terms… not by following the crowd.

Who better to add to your mastermind group? Wealth Retreat is where some long lasting friendships and amazing joint ventures have been formed.

Just click here and find out more then register your interest online to find out more or email my assistant Jo Fitt and she’ll explain everything.

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Reason #8: Real Wealth is What You Give

One of the themes that pervades Wealth Retreat each year is that true wealth is not about how much money you have or how many properties you own, but how much you can give back to the community, your family and others.

This means many Wealth Retreat attendees feel it is their obligation to become even more successful so they can contribute more and at the event they made plans how to supercharge this.

Reason #7: Need I say… the Gold Coast!

We’re holding Wealth Retreat at the Mercure Resort on the Gold Coast.

But not in the hustle and bustle of the beaches and high rise buildings. Instead we’ll be in a golf club resort – the perfect location to take the time to set yourself new audacious goals.


Reason #6: The Best Faculty we could put together

We’ve put together the best faculty of property, tax, finance, superannuation, financial planning, legal, business and share market experts ever assembled in Australia.

They are all still actively involved in their fields of expertise and now you will be part of this “inner circle”.

We give you a blue print to build your own property investment and then give you a tool box full of Power Tools to help you build it. Click here find out more and register your interest or email my assistant Jo Fitt and she’ll be in contact soon.


Reason #5: All the Resources You Need At Your Fingertips

Wealth Retreat isn’t just about the fun. It’s 5 long exhausting days and nights, but you’ll be able to book as much one on one time as you require with our faculty to discuss your own personal situation.  Bring your budgets, spreadsheets, plans and questions and they’ll all be answered.


Reason #4: It’s FUN!

Face it, sometimes you need a break from the day-to-day routine of running your business, work and investing.

You deserve a break – and Wealth Retreat
is the perfect blend of business (you’ll learn how to truly make your property investments a business with advanced tax, finance, joint venture, planning, legal and property strategies, so for many attendees it’s a great tax deduction) and fun.

However it’s also long hours and a heavy five days but you’ll enjoy meeting smart, inspirational, different people and you’ll experience something totally fresh and vibrant away from the grind.

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Reason #3: To become financially independent you need to treat your property investments like a business.

If you want to grow your own significant property investment business, one that could one day replace your personal exertion income, then you really should join us at Wealth Retreat 2014, because that’s exactly what Wealth Retreat is about.

We give you a blue print to build your own property investment and then give you a tool box full of Power Tools to help you build it.

Find out more about Wealth Retreat by clicking here and register your interest online to find out more or email my assistant Jo Fitt and she’ll explain everything.


Reason #2: To have time to work on yourself and your property investment business.

Let’s face it, life is hectic and most of us just don’t get the time to sit back and plan like we should.

That’s why many delegates return to Wealth Retreat– it gives them time out and a structured environment to plan their short term, medium and long term goals in all aspects of their life.  Not just property!

And finally, Reason #1 for you to sign up for Wealth Retreat NOW:

No Better Deal Will EVER Be Offered!

While we could get a bigger attendance at Wealth Retreat we purposefully cap the number of attendees to ensure we retain our small class room environment where everyone gets a chance to be heard and everyone’s questions are answered.

This means we’ve booked out for 7 years in a row and we’ll do so again in 2014.

There are still some early bird spots left, but when they’re gone, they’re gone and there will never be any further last minute special discounts.

Right NOW is your chance to get the VERY best deal possible on signing up for Wealth Retreat.

So it makes NO sense to delay. Click here now, while it’s still top of mind, find out about Wealth Retreat and register your interest, or email my assistant Jo Fitt and she’ll be in contact to answer all your questions.

Can you really afford to wait until 2015?

Michael Yardney

Michael is a director of Metropole Property Strategists who create wealth for their clients through independent, unbiased property advice and advocacy. He has been voted Australia’s leading property investment adviser and his opinions are regularly featured in the media. Visit


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