Two-Day Joint Venture Partner Meeting On June 2019 A Success

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The recently concluded 2019 Chan and Naylor Joint Venture Partner meeting was held last 20th and 21st June at 50 Miller Street, North Sydney, NAB Academy Building. Such a momentous event paved the way to more collaboration and exemplary business relationship fostered between partners and sponsors. 

Day One, 20th June 2019

The two-day event was filled with lively, interactive, and interesting discussions geared towards better business profitability and partnership. Mr. Ershad Ullah of Chan and Naylor CBD opened and started Day 1 Joint Venture Partner Meeting.


Chan and Naylor Sydney JVP Meeting

Chan & Naylor Sydney CBD Ershad Ullah starring off this JVP meeting at NAB Academy North Sydney NSW


Mr. Ullah was then followed by the Founder, Mr. Edward Chan for important announcements such as new partners joining the group, plans for the next financial year, new alliance partners and much more. His announcements signaled yet another promising year for Chan and Naylor Group.

Chan and Naylor Founder Edward Chan

Founder Edward Chan addressing the group with a few announcements


After Mr. Chan’s opening remarks and announcements, Mr. Sandro Bagnati of Chan and Naylor Melbourne proceeded to discuss Chan & Naylor PIT®- a proprietary product of Chan and Naylor specifically for property investors.


Chan and Naylor Sandro Bagnati Chan & Naylor PIT®

Sandro Bagnati of Chan & Naylor Melbourne discussing Chan & Naylor PIT®- a proprietary product of Chan & Naylor for property investors


Day 1 continued with Chan and Naylor Finance Director Doug Daniels as he presented updates on the finance world. His discussion provided all participants with a detailed glimpse of the financial environment for better understanding of investment opportunities and other market movement integral to the entire business. 

Chan and Naylor Doug Daniels finance

Chan & Naylor Finance Director Doug Daniels updating the group on the Finance world


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After a day packed with knowledge and interaction, the entire team headed out for some much-needed fellowship. It was indeed a night of camaraderie, meaningful discussions, and business relationship with Chan and Naylor partners and sponsors. 

Wealth Partners, BMT Depreciation, Topdocs, Class Super, Aspect Legal, DPN.

Dinner with Wealth Partners, BMT Depreciation, Topdocs, Class Super, Aspect Legal, DPN, and Chan and Naylor Partners.

Day Two, 21st June 2019

Another exciting day pressed on as Day 2 started. It is filled with interesting business facts and insights presented by sponsors: Wealth Partners, BMT Depreciation, Topdocs, Class Super, Aspect Legal, DPN.

Valencia Meindl Class Super

Valencia Meindl of Class Super with her presentation.


Continuation of Class Super presentation.


Wealth Partners

Wealth Partners with their presentations.


BMT Depreciation

BMT Depreciation’s turn to share their insights.


To cap Day Two, the most awaited Awarding ceremony ensued. The esteemed awardees are as follows: 
Defy Gunadi

Defy Gunadi as the Client Manager of the Year


Cindy Su

Cindy Su as Partner of the Year


Phil Efthimiou

Phil Efthimiou with New JVP Award


Chan and Naylor Perth

Chan and Naylor Perth as the Most Profitable Chan and Naylor Office of the Year


Chan and Naylor Melbourne and Moonee Ponds

Chan and Naylor Melbourne and Moonee Ponds as the Fastest Growing Firm of the Year

Congratulations to this year’s awardees. Chan and Naylor Group also wishes to extend its heartfelt gratefulness to everyone who made this event a success. Most importantly, sincerest thanks to our clients’ unwavering support throughout the years. Chan and Naylor promises to continue evolving, developing, and improving to serve you even better.


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