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The ultimate property investor event

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The boom market seems to have ended but investors can still get inside the edge for their next property investment. The market and tax laws are changing so investors need a new approach for their future investments.

The “Ultimate Property Investor” event is a one-off event for investors who want to increase their knowledge rapidly and learn new strategies to create wealth from property. The event will happen on 16 September 2017, Saturday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Mercure Hotel, Sydney.

The event will be graced by leading industry experts such as Peter Ristevski and Doug Daniell of Chan & Naylor, Nerida Connisbee of REA Group, Rich Harvey of Property Buyer and Peter Foldes of Washington Brown.

Topics include financing your property portfolio, current property market update, smart strategies for wealth building, tax effective strategies for property investment and everything you need to know about depreciation.

Peter Ristevski - Chan & Naylor Bankstown - Former Deputy Mayor Current Councillor at Liverpool City Council

Peter Ristevski

One of the event speakers is Peter Ristevski, an Australian businessman who is a partner in the National Accounting firm Chan & Naylor and currently runs the South Western Sydney practice.

Peter not only understands ways that make property work for you in terms of tax planning but he also understands the logistics of property having served as Deputy Mayor of one of Sydney’s property booming areas of Liverpool.

Peter also runs Chan & Naylor’s Pre Insolvency division nationally which is at the forefront of pioneering asset protection strategies in order to protect your property portfolio.

Doug Daniell - Director Chan & Naylor Finance

Doug Daniell

Another “Ultimate Property Investor” event speaker is Doug Daniel, a mortgage broker and licensed real estate agent with over 20 years’ experience in the property and finance sector. Over that period, Doug has arranged over $1bn in home loans to fulfil home buyers’ and investors’ real estate financing requirements.

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Many of his clients have benefited from his experience and knowledge to progress from saving for their first home to owning several investment properties. Doug gets great satisfaction from seeing somebody pay off their home loan and then helping them to progress from first a home buyer to becoming a sophisticated investor with multiple investment properties.

Ultimate Property Investor

The “Ultimate Property Investor” event will give participants excellent networking opportunities. They will learn from top line speakers in their fields, learn smart ways to get more finance, receive a property market update and outlook and know where the pockets of value will be.

Participants will learn strategies for positive cash flow and value adding, where to find off-market deals and tax effective structures and SMSF updates. They will learn everything about depreciation, property management, small projects that uplift massive equity, holistic financial planning and more. To join the “Ultimate Property Investor” event, register here.

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