Webinar: How to Invest Safely in Today’s Property Market

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How can you safely invest in today’s property market? With expert advice. In this webinar, Managing Director of DPN, Sam Khalil, offers 20 years’ experience, to guide you towards success. You’ll learn about a broad range of topics, including insights on the market outlook and opportunities available for the astute investor.

Today’s Market

The presentation begins with a look at today’s market and understanding that Australia is not one single property market, but many. When people talk about the property market in general, it’s really the average of all the properties in Australia and not necessarily an indication of opportunity.

Therefore, in a changing market, investors should have at least a three year horizon. With that knowledge, discover the best performing capital growth cities, rental yield results, statistics on the annual change in dwelling values, regions to avoid and how to look beyond general trends.

The Outlook for 2018 and Beyond

Sustainable growth is driven by population versus spike in performance. With a look at the growth forecast to 2036, you’ll discover the best regions for sustained population growth and investment opportunities. Find out which markets are on the move and why, with employment growth, political stability, infrastructure projects, affordability and booming industries leading the way.

Trends and Influences

What are the trends and influences affecting our future living environments? Since 1997, 50% of the world’s population are now living in cities and that’s continuing to accelerate, with the ability of governments to provide infrastructure to residents. Discover further insights into what’s driving the market, influencer groups and why Australian cities are the fastest growing in the developed world.

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The Benefits of Research

How do you begin to identify the areas to invest in and which property markets are best? Research* is the key towards a successful investment strategy. You’ll discover a proven methodology to identify regions of growth, with five key points to align, such as pinpointing suburbs in major cities with forecast growth over 4% per annum.

The DPN Approach

Along with research, it’s important to have a personalised strategy to suit your individual needs, including for tax structuring. DPN is an award-winning organisation, with a research-driven approach and focus on customer service. We offer a holistic solution for property investors, by developing investment strategies, providing competitive finances and finding new ways to enter the property market.

Listen now

So take 30 minutes, grab a coffee and listen in to the webinar on Youtube:

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