What if you had to pay interest on your time?

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…would you manage it better in 2013?

We’ve all heard of the saying “Time is Money”. But If you could bank your time, what would you do?

I for one would deposit all the wasted time I spend during the 24 hours in a day which would then allow me to draw back on it to reinvest that same time in the areas that mean the most to me.

Whether you are a property investor, share trader or business owner there is one thing we all have in common and that is we all have an asset called  ‘Time’, it’s just that individually we have different amounts still available in our lives.

When you view time in this way it just shows you how important an asset it is to us as human beings and how much of a limited resource it is…..is time a more or less valuable asset to you, than say  property, shares, cash?

If you are having trouble answering this let me pose this question to you.

 On your death bed If I offered you an extra 10 years (or 5,256,000 minutes) of healthy life in exchange for all the assets that you own, what would your answer be?

Time is valuable and how we spend it is important. Of course, in life we have to do things that are necessary to survive and hopefully prosper, but it’s how we manage the hours we spend on this planet that is critical to getting the most out of life.

In our new book Small to GREAT,  we talk about the importance of life balance and managing your time and how time can be broken down into four quadrants:

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Not Urgent





Characterised by spending time on: Crises, Pressing problems, Deadlines, reactive behaviour, no planning.




Important/Not Urgent

Characterised by spending time on: Planning, Prevention, Relationship building, communication, forward thinking, faith, health, charitable work, family


Not Important


Urgent/Not Important

Characterised by spending time on: Interruptions, spam Mail or email, meetings with no agenda, dealing with issues that are not relevant,




 Not Important/Not Urgent

Characterised by spending time on: Trivia, Time wasters, time spent on areas with no real outcome or purpose for you or others.


Due to the demands of modern day life we all spend time in all of the quadrants above, but the trick is to minimise the time spent in quadrant i ,iii and iv and focus on spending time in quadrant ii ,we find that the most effective people spend a majority of their time in the second quadrant and the more time you spend in this area the less time you spend in the others.

The few minutes you have taken to read this article is time you will not get back so I hope that it has at the very least allowed you to refocus on the important things in your own life, even if it is only for those few minutes.

  – David Naylor



For More  detailed information on how you can best manage your time you can get a copy of Ed Chan and David Naylor’s new Book “Small to GREAT” –  visit our online store.


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