Which State Will Out Perform The Average Property Growth Rate Over The Next Few Years?

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Which State Will Out Perform The Average Property Growth Rate Over The Next Few Years?


There are many factors that affect property growth.


Some of them are:


  1. Population Growth
  2. Unemployment rate
  3. NAB ‘Global & Australian Forecasts’, in particular;
    • pg 8 – Australia outlook
    • pg 9 – Australia labour market
    • pg 10 – Australian consumer demand and housing market
    • pg 11 – Australian investment and Capital Expenditure (Capex)
  4. Income Growth
  5. Economic Activity
  6. Inflation
  7. Supply of Property
  8. Demand of Property
  9. Finance availability
  10. Immigration including migration between States
  11. Government infrastructure investment
  12. Consumer and Business Confidence
  13. Developer activity
  14. Interest Rates
  15. Tax
  16. Dwelling Starts


I have attached a couple of reports that identifies the activity level in each of our States and you may be surprised by the numbers.


These are good indicators of which States will do extremely well over the next few years and which States will struggle.


Thus you can see which State you should be investing in!


  1. CommSec Research Report
    Analysis on how each of the different states are performing
  2. Link to Bankwest website for their  Bankwest Business Leadership – Economy and Finance Report
    ‘What mid-sized companies are saying about the economy’



Get an edge by knowing which State will give you the best opportunity for capital growth for property investments over the next few years.



Ed Chan

(Non Executive Chairman and Co Founder of Chan & Naylor)

Ed Chan - Chan & Naylor

Ed Chan – Non-Executive Chairman & Co-founder

Disclaimer: This article contains general information. Before you make any financial or investment decision you should seek professional advice to take into account your individual objectives, financial situation and individual needs.

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