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Who is responsible for Culture?

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Do employers just pay it lip service to make it sound like they have an interest when they really don’t?

Most business owners are just trying to keep their heads above water on a daily basis and most don’t have time to look into and worry about culture.

Do you employ for skill or culture?

Do we look for someone who matches your values or someone who has the skills to do the job?

Should you sacrifice one for the other?

Can HR truly effect a good culture?  Do they have a large enough voice? Are they being listened to – or is it just lip service to placate them?

What is the cost of a poor culture?

Is there a price that you put on it?  Some very successful businesses have absolutely no culture, but they are doing very well.

Even those that have the “everyone wants to work there” are sometimes not really as good as they appear from the advertising. When you get into the business, it isn’t as wonderful as they make you think (sure you know who they are).

My advice is:

  • If you are small – employ for values over skills every time
  • Build your culture over time – don’t try to ram it down their throats
  • Let your staff drive culture from within – give them the driving seat
  • Don’t tell them what you want, ask them what they want
  • Be a leader, be the entrepreneur that they will go to the end of the earth for and your culture will come from a strong base
  • Be inspirational – tell them your story
  • Show empathy, and if you don’t know what that means, Google it!

And lastly, let me know how you go. Have a great day!

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