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Why Invest in Geelong

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It’s a city that boasts a backdrop of famous beaches and historic charm, however, Geelong offers much more than a pretty face. Namely, the key ingredients required for successful property investment. Here’s why.

In the past, the city was often dismissed as an unremarkable city resting in the shadow of Melbourne’s fame. However, in recent times exciting growth has seen it flourish, to take a solid place among leaders in the Victorian property market.

Independent research reveals an economic transformation with a health care boom leading the way. The population of Greater Geelong is set to rise to 325,779, between now and 2036. Mix that with an unrivalled coastal lifestyle, strong investment in infrastructure and a projected capital growth of up to 8%* over the next five years, to create a prime target for investors.


Here are six reasons why you should invest in Geelong:

  1. The city is a totally self-contained city, with top universities, hospitals, rail, air and road links and leisure facilities, all of which are set for further expansion.
  2. Jobs growth is soaring, with emphasis on healthcare, tech and tourism.
  3. Investments position Geelong as a future leader across an array of industries, with an estimated $178 million to be invested in the region over a 20-year period.
  4. Geelong offers good-value, affordable housing, especially compared with Melbourne. The market is projected to have an upward shift across the coming years due to the estimated population growth.
  5. Global interest in Geelong as a hub of innovation is on the rise, with an investment of $70 million into Deakin’s Carbon Nexus research.
  6. World-class tourist attractions sit on the doorstep of Geelong, including the Great Ocean Road, Bells Beach and the 12 Apostles.

For a comprehensive guide on Geelong’s appeal for property investors, find out all you need to know in DPN’s research report: Why Invest in Geelong.

*8% in the Geelong suburb of Armstrong Creek. With reference to independent research sources including RESIDEXTM Core Logic and Australian Government agencies.


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