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Why Invest in Newcastle

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DPN’s region profile: Newcastle, NSW

We’ve talked before about the importance of research to identify emerging growth areas. Today we’re examining Newcastle and the Hunter region of New South Wales – an area that DPN’s Research Team believes has strong investment potential.

Newcastle has a lot going for it.  It has three of the features vital for any regional centre’s flourishing development: its own airport, its own university and a large hospital.  It is a growing, self-contained coastal city with housing that is still affordable compared with Sydney or Melbourne.

Geographically blessed, it’s a short drive to Port Stephens and the Hunter Valley with its blossoming wineries. It has a strong beach culture, a thriving arts scene and historic buildings scattered throughout the city.

Just two hours from Sydney and rapidly becoming a sophisticated, cosmopolitan centre in its own right, Newcastle holds rich and attractive opportunities for any investor.  Here are five reasons our research team believe Newcastle remains an excellent place to invest:

  1. Strong population growth, low unemployment and a near 50% price disparity compared with Sydney.
  2. $6.5 billion of infrastructure planned or underway and nearly $2 billion in private projects.
  3. The $414 million redevelopment of Stockland Green Hills is on track to generate over 2,000 jobs.
  4. The University of Newcastle will double the number of students as a result of its extensive development plans.
  5. A growing aerospace industry, the RAAF Williamtown’s $500 million aerospace centre, already the largest employer in the region, will add 8,500 jobs.

With all this activity in the pipeline, Newcastle should be on every investor’s radar. Read more in DPN’s comprehensive research report: Why Invest in Newcastle.

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Report data sources: NSW Government Planning & Environment, RP Data Core Logic, Hunter Research Foundation, Domain State of the Market report, The Urban Developer, Residex.


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