Xero tips that can help your business

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Xero constantly improves its technologies so if you want get the most out of it, we’ll give you tips on how it can further help you and your business.

First, make sure to get the most out of your inventory items. It can speed up in entering purchase invoices and creating sales invoices. You can run a report and see the stock levels, prices and even margins.

Remember that you should already have the bank rules set-up before entering any information in Xero. This can save you time. You can also use recurring invoices to automatically set invoices and save even more time. You can create your own tailored reports and manage your business more effectively.

There is a Xero app that can maximise downtime, reconcile bank items and issue invoices. The Budget Manager can enable you to report, analyse targets and gain valuable insights into your business. Meanwhile, the Smart Lists can generate targeted customer lists from your accounting data, which can help you with sales, marketing and customer service.

What can you do?

If you would like to know more about business management, you can click here to know more about Chan & Naylor services. You can leave your details here and we can schedule you for a free consultation. We’ll contact you to explain more.

Whether you are a beginner, seasoned investor or business owner, we can give you guidance to maximise the financial areas of your life. We can give you an integrated and tailored solution of your superannuation, taxation, property investment, asset protection, estate planning and more.

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2 responses to “Xero tips that can help your business”

  1. Greg Bidwell says:

    Could somebody recommend a good property management software for numerous properties owned under different enternities

    • Chan & Naylor says:

      Hi Greg,

      Xero is a good software to keep track of different entities investment property. It can do automated data feed, profit and loss for your investment property etc. for a cheaper price ($10-$20 per entity). You won’t be able to get the cheaper version of their cash book from the website. Only Xero Partner Accountants can provide the access to the cheaper cash books. Please contact my office on 02 8651 8000 or email me (ershadu@chan-naylor.com.au) if your current accountant doesn’t offer these services.


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