2024-25 NSW Budget: Impact on Property Investors

by | Jun 20, 2024

The recently announced 2024-25 NSW Budget has made headlines due to a dramatic shift from a projected surplus to a $3.6 billion deficit, revealed on Tuesday, June 18th. With the State’s AAA credit rating at risk, the Government is turning to land taxes for quick cash flow, a common and accessible target.

Land Tax Adjustments for Property Investors

Property investors will now face a frozen tax-free threshold on land tax for 2025. The threshold will remain at its 2024 level of $1.075 million and will not increase to account for indexation, despite a robust property market in the State.

Increased Surcharge on Residential Land Purchased by Foreign Persons

The surcharge for foreign investors will see significant increases: the foreign investor purchase duty surcharge will rise from 8% to 9%, and the land tax surcharge will go up from 4% to 5%. These hikes aim to ensure foreign investors contribute more to state revenues, reflecting their participation in the local property market.

Strategic Considerations for Property Investors

These changes will impact both local and foreign property investors, influencing investment decisions and market dynamics in New South Wales. It is recommended that investors review the impact on their individual circumstances.

1. Portfolio Review

Investors should regularly review their cash flow and funding buffer for their property portfolios to ensure financial commitments do not lead to cash flow stress for their families.

2. Rental Review

Consult with real estate agents to monitor market rent movements, as new policies may affect rental property supply and lead investors to pass on the costs.

3. Tax Planning

Engaging with tax professionals to understand the full impact of these changes and explore strategies to optimize tax liabilities will be crucial. We encourage you to contact Chan & Naylor Pymble for expert advice on navigating these changes and optimizing your investment strategy.


With increased spending commitments by the State and Federal governments on social welfare, domestic violence, and green energy, property investors may continue to bear some of these costs. We are committed to working with investors to review and plan their investment strategies, ensuring they adapt to the changing tax climate while contributing to the important causes supported by the Government’s spending agenda.

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