About Us

About Us

Since 1990, the founding Partners, Ed Chan and David Naylor, have been passionate about helping clients to grow and protect their wealth. This same unbridled passion and commitment is ongoing today, with all Chan & Naylor Partners across Australia (See: Meet the Partners)

Chan & Naylor is a national property, business tax accounting and wealth advisory group – with more than a dozen offices in major capital cities situated in NSW, VIC, QLD, and WA.

Over the years, our Partners’ passion for property investing, and business enterprise, has led to the development of specialised services and products that would continuously benefit like-minded clients with an interest in property or business.

At Chan & Naylor, we’re passionate about property. But we don’t sell any. We neither recommend any specific properties, nor align ourselves to any developments or projects.

One clear example of our expertise in property that has benefited many of our property investor clients, has been the creation of the Chan & Naylor Property Investor Trust® (PIT®) which was subsequently approved by the ATO in relation to negative gearing tax deductions. This unique trust deed was among the first property specific investment trusts and the only property investment trust given a Product Ruling by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allowing investors to have certainty of interest tax deductibility on negatively geared properties, if used in accordance with the approved ATO Product Ruling in favour of our Property Investor Trust®.

Wide range of specialist accounting and advisory services aimed at assisting property investors, small business owners and entrepreneurial individuals
  • Property Tax Advice & Property Accounting
  • Personal and Business Tax Compliance
  • Property investment trusts and ownership structures
  • Business Accounting
  • Business Improvement & Advisory services
  • Business ownership structures
Our role is to partner with you, to build a tax effective wealth creation system
With our help you can ensure that your financial affairs and investment properties (including other assets) are structured correctly, and appropriately used and maintained, so you can avail yourself to…

  • Every tax benefit that you’re legally entitled to as an investor
  • Better asset protection
  • Greater flexibility and control of cash flows
  • Safe transfer of assets from one generation to the next
At Chan & Naylor, we take a holistic approach when it comes to helping our clients to grow and protect their wealth.
That is why in addition to our accounting expertise in both property and business, we also have dedicated professional service centres that provide specialist services and products to further support our clients’…

  • Mortgage Brokering – via Chan & Naylor Finance – to help clients secure and structure debt with the best possible home loan, investor loan, commercial loan or other finance products.
  • Financial Advisory – via Chan & Naylor Wealth Planning – to help clients develop a financial strategy and investment plan to actively grow their wealth, achieve their lifestyle objectives and fund a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.
  • Independent Audit & Assurance – via C&N Audit Services – to help clients meet compliance requirements in regards to audits.
  • Insolvency & Corporate Turnaround – via C&N Turnaround Solutions – to help struggling businesses to untangle the mess resulting from persistent cash flow problems, and to restructure businesses prior to being sold for improved after tax cash.
Unique System of Support
As a client of Chan & Naylor, you are personally cared for by appropriately trained and qualified team of professionals, consisting firstly of a Client Manager who becomes your main point of contact throughout your working relationship with Chan & Naylor. Your personal Client Manager will have a team of senior and junior accountants working with them to understand and service your every need. This unique system delivers you first class services at a reasonable investment and gets you access to specialists when appropriate for your circumstances.

Our team of professionals are suitably qualified and trained to provide this assistance. You can be rest assured that our team is sufficiently large and diverse that we are able to provide the different types of services at competitive rate

We provide our clients with first class attention, a diverse range of services, backed up by a National Group with R&D, systems and size that is consistent across the country.

Our Commitment To You
  • We will look after your affairs as if they were our own.
  • We will act as a buffer between the Tax Department and yourself, handling all queries on your behalf, thus giving you peace of mind.
  • We will minimise involvement in your affairs from the ATO due to our unique system of checks and balances.
  • We will provide you with free five minute enquiries.
    We will return your calls promptly.

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